English menu

Roast beef sandwich 42 ₪
Smoked salmon sandwich 42 ₪
Ham sandwich 42 ₪
Mozzarella cheese sandwich: with eggplant& sun dried tomato 42 ₪
Goat cheese sandwich: with fresh tomato 42 ₪
Cream cheese & hard cheese sandwich 42 ₪
Omelet 34/39 ₪
Whole grain bread 12 ₪
Ciabatte with garlic butter 12 ₪
(Choice of ciabetta / whole grain bread / bagel
Home made seasoned butte / mustard / mayonnaise)
Vegetable quiche: seasonal vegetables 45 ₪
Eggplant quiche: eggplant, goat cheese & herbs 45 ₪
(Served with salad)
Lebanese Salad 48 ₪
,tomato, cucumber, red onionTopped with feta cheese & fried pitalemon. Olive oil, sumac sauce bread
Nairuz Salad 48 ₪
lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatsprouts, cucumber, carrot. Topped with deep fried halumio, beancheese or sautéed chicken breast & wild mushroom inPesto sauce with sumac & thyme
Turquoise Salad 52 ₪
baby leaves, bean sprouts, season's fresh fruit. Topped with turquoise cheese, lemon, pistachio basil sauce
Douzan Salad 48 ₪
lettuce, pickled cucumber, red onion Topped with smoked salmon or roast beef with roasted almonds. Mini toasts balsamic sauce
Goose Breast Salad 48 ₪
lettuce, grilled vegetables Topped with sautéed smoked goose breast with sunflower Seeds balsamic vinaigrette
Chicken Cashew Salad 52 ₪
rice noodles, hot vegetables Mix, japanese leaves, spinach. Topped with chili chicken & cashew lemon coriander sauce
Malaysia Salad 52 ₪
noodles, spinach, bean sprouts, vegetables Topped with chicken strips & toasted sesame teriyaki sauce
Haifa Salad 52 ₪
baby leaves, spinach, carrots, green onions,dill. Topped with crab or tuna meat, in lemon mayonnaisePesto sauce
Yafa Salad 48 ₪
baby leaves, spinach, carrot, sun dried tomato, fresh orange. With chicken strips & mushroom orange ginger sauce
Cordon bleu 65 ₪
stuffed chicken breast with smoked goose Breast in a mustard cream sauce
Chicken breast escalopini 60 ₪
in mushroom sauce / sweet & sour sauce
Veal rolls 65 ₪
sirloin beef rolls stuffed with goat cheese & Pesto in a garlic sauce
Pork cutlets 60 ₪
in a rosemary or spring onion sauce
Prime Rib 85 ₪
grilled sirloin of prime rib in peppercorn / redWine / mushroom sauce
Veal Fillet 129 ₪
grilled veal fillet in peppercorn / red wine / Mushroom sauce
Kabab Halabi 65 ₪
served on cinnamon sticks with roastedVegetables & tahina
Beef Stroganoff 65 ₪
sliced fillet of beef with onion, mushrooms,Pickles in red wine sauce served on rice
Calamari 60 ₪
served with rice
Mussels Meal 60 ₪
in piquant Mexican sauce
Shrimp In Mexican Sauce Or Garlic Sauce 75 ₪
served with Rice & vegetables
Sea food mix 98 ₪
served with rice or spaghetti in piquant Mexican sauce / lemon-garlic sauce
Lamb ribs 95 ₪
in rosemary sauce served with antipasti vegetables
Shrimp ravioli 90 ₪
in piquant Mexican sauce
Salmon / Sole fillet 70 ₪
in piquant Mexican sauce served With rice and vegetables or antipasti
(served with baked vegetables)
Ravioli 48 ₪
cheese or spinach ravioli
Spaghetti 38 ₪
Lasagna: served with fine herbs tomato sauce 48 ₪
Soup of the day (please ask the waiter / ess) 30 ₪
Cakes: (ask your waiter /ess) 28 ₪
Additional ice cream 7 ₪
Ice cream with whipped cream 25 ₪
(different flavours, ask your waite/ess)
Mhalabyeh douzan 25 ₪
milk custard topped with stewedDried fruits in rose water
Baked apple stuffed with nuts 25 ₪
served with toffee sauce
Drunken pears 25 ₪
pears cooked in red wine:Served with hot chocolate sauce
Douzan parfait 25 ₪
fig parfait topped with wild berry sauce
Crème brulée 25 ₪